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ShoreTel Industry Solutions


Learning Center and University Phone Systems

Why Schools And Libraries Choose ShoreTel
Regardless of size or academic capacity, educational institutions all share a need for advanced, reliable communications systems. Not only must students, staff, parents, and teachers regularly communicate to share critical news and updates, but they must often do so from mobile devices, remote locations, or extended campuses. What’s more, the populations on those campuses are typically in flux as students graduate, teachers move on, and administrative headcount shifts. That means scalability and ease of management on a secure and highly available platform are extremely important.

Easy administration and solid reliability for schools, campuses and districts

For many educational institutions, the challenge is that educational budgets and IT resources rarely reflect these high expectations. As a result, schools and other educational facilities must endure an ongoing lesson in delivering quality on limited operating expenses. Fortunately, ShoreTel provides two brilliantly simple solutions for educational institutions, both of which offer exceptional return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The ShoreTel Connect ONSITE IP telephony system with fully integrated unified communications (UC) provides the cost-efficiency, rich feature set, reliability, and simplicity needed by the education industry to function, serve, and succeed:

  • Scalability: ShoreTel efficiently handles ever-changing populations of users, campus expansions, and legacy integrations—so IT staff can rapidly conduct moves, adds and changes without massive infrastructure or technology costs.
  • Availability and reliability: ShoreTel delivers the superior 24/7 reliability and performance levels required to help ensure communications quality and student safety.
  • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel’s intuitive interfaces and features make system navigation and upkeep simple, so users have easy-to-use tools at their fingertips to help them be productive,and administrators save time and IT resources to focus on core educational projects.

The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD hosted and managed phone system is an experienced E-Rate service provider. This cloud-based solution is designed to take the burden of managing and maintaining the phone system off the shoulders of IT departments. Advantages include:

  • Fully managed: This means that ShoreTel provides a painless implementation experience.  Our team, not your internal resources, provide training and direct support to your employees.  We manage all of the hardware and software required.  With ShoreTel as your vendor, you can focus on your educational mission, we’ll take care of the phones.
  • One vendor: ShoreTel becomes your phone system provider and telecommunications carrier. Education clients receive only one monthly, predictable invoice to manage and one place to go for help and support.
  • Exceptional quality and reliability: There is a myth that VoIP phone systems are unreliable and offer poor audio quality.  But the fact is, not all cloud-based phone systems are created equally. Our solution offers secure, private connections to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring excellent performance and voice quality.

Financial ServicesFinancial Services:

Bank and Credit Union Phone Systems

Let Our Assets Build Yours
With the advent of mobile banking and electronic commerce, members have come to expect swift, accurate transactions. And when they need to contact a financial services employee, they have the same high expectations for speed, accuracy and ease. Don’t risk jeopardizing a valuable client relationship with a poor service experience.

Personalized service and customer care are the hallmark of successful financial institutions

Satisfy Customers From The First Contact

Research shows that if you can direct customers to the right call center resource correctly the first time, you reduce traffic costs and increase member satisfaction. Implementing an IP PBX with advanced unified communications features—whether you choose an onsite phone system or one from the cloud—can delight and empower your members at every touch. It’s a key way to differentiate your company from other financial service providers.

The challenge is to find and embrace better, quicker, less costly, and more convenient ways of working. Successful firms will support effective work from any location. They will be able to expand or contract as conditions demand without damaging their market presence. And most importantly, they will provide an outstanding and consistent client experience.

Powerful Features For Powerful Impact

ShoreTel offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective unified communications solutions available in the market today—from enterprise contact centers spanning multiple locations, to mobility solutions that connect teams via smartphones and tablets, to fully hosted subscription phone services in the cloud.

With ShoreTel as your business phone provider, you’ll be able to offer members self-service options that can give them the answers they need, faster. You’ll have flexible, intelligent IVR and auto attendant features with call routing, queuing and messaging options that can be easily adapted to accommodate variable hours, staffing and call volume levels.

The ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform is more than just an IP Phone system; it’s a robust and sophisticated information center that unifies phone, email and voice messages, streamlines workflow, and increases efficiency. With fundamental contact center functionality built right in, the phone system ensures that members will reach the right contact, every time.

The ShoreTel Difference

Here’s why credit unions trust their investment in a ShoreTel phone system:

Easiest to Deploy, Manage and Scale
ShoreTel’s unique distributed architecture is plug-and-play easy to deploy on our solid-state voice switches or virtualized on your servers. And for speed to deployment, nothing beats ShoreTel Connect CLOUD's phone service delivery.

Unsurpassed Multi-site Expertise
No matter how you mix-and-match equipment or locations, system administration via a simple “single-image” browser-based interface manages your entire ShoreTel system. Phased roll-outs easily integrate with pre-existing phone systems.

Integrated Business Intelligence
ShoreTel integrations with advanced CRM, call accounting and ERP applications amplify business process effectiveness by giving service reps quick access to account history and transaction information.

Productivity and Efficiency Gains
Instant messaging, presence, conference calling and desktop sharing erase distances between branch offices. Enterprise Contact Center manages multichannel email, fax, phone, chat and outbound communications through a single agent interface and gives supervisors real-time measurement tools.

Unique Survivability and Availability
ShoreTel Connect ONSITE's distributed architecture provides 99.999% reliability by distributing intelligence across the entire system while voice switch appliances ensure you’ll never lose dial tone. And ShoreTel Connect CLOUD’s redundant Network Operations Center assures cloud service continuity. This supports your top and bottom line

Whether you chose an on-premises or hosted IP phone system, ShoreTel helps increase financial institution revenue by providing top-level sales and service, and helps decrease expenses through dramatically reduced system maintenance expenses, least cost routing, voice trunk sharing and reduced travel costs due to improved communications performance.

Facilities With Special Requirements

ShoreTel understands that different banks have different needs. Learn more about how we can help these particular services:

  • Community Banks
  • Credit Unions


Brilliantly Simple UC Helps State And Local Governments Save Money And Better Serve

Unified communications rollouts can be time-consuming and expensive, which can mean big trouble for government organizations, but they don’t have to be that way. Overly-complex UC systems can bog down vital processes, slowing down government agencies to a point of inefficiency, but that can all be averted with ShoreTel.

ShoreTel’s integrated IP-based UC solution is built from scratch, making it built for IP alone with powerful end-to-end functionality. Additionally, the ShoreTel solution’s distributed architecture, in addition to its N+1 redundancy and failover capabilities, provides availability exceeding today’s five-nine’s requirements. All administrative functions are consolidated into a single browser-based interface, so administrators don’t need to use multiple tools. It is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing management and operation through a few quick clicks.

The most reliable, cost-effective, easy to manage phone system

This means agencies using ShoreTel's UC solution have a dedicated system that will stay up and work at optimum efficiency at all times, just like a government should. Communication is key to taking proper action, so agencies and their members can talk to each other and their constituents quickly and clearly. Whether it's for taking a poll or taking action during a disaster, clear and quick communication is key to efficiency and effectiveness.

In a governmental environment, efficiency and control are vital. Officials must maintain order while respecting individual rights, and deliver services while controlling spending. ShoreTel’s UC solution can be installed easily, provide organization and control of services, and boasts a low TCO, providing all of the above and more. This frees civil servants to do more of what matters, and spend less time caught up in training and management.

ShoreTel can offer government agencies:

  • Scalability - Expand and adapt dynamically, without the need for extensive investment in infrastructure or technology
  • Availability and reliability - Ensure high quality services with enterprise-class availability to meet the demands of your employees and constituents
  • Ease of use and management - Access comprehensive features and functionality without draining vital resources, or wasting time on extensive training or management pains
  • Cost Savings - ShoreTel offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher customer satisfaction.


Healthcare Communications With A Focus On Positive Patient Engagement

Patients today have many choices of healthcare providers, and they have high expectations of their patient experience. How can your facility or practice stay competitive within this new patient-centered healthcare landscape? When quality of care and patient satisfaction are at stake, healthcare providers can’t afford missed communications.

Improve the health of your hospital, extended care facility and physician's practice communications

Why 1,000 Healthcare Providers Trust ShoreTel

ShoreTel offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective unified communications solutions available in the market today—from enterprise contact centers spanning multiple locations, to mobility solutions that connect teams via smartphones and tablets, to fully hosted subscription phone services in the cloud. That’s why nearly 1,000 hospitals, physician practices and extended care providers utilize ShoreTel for their communications needs.

ShoreTel delivers precision tools for clinical transformation. Examples include personalized automated appointment reminders for medical offices, call centers that handle resident relations in extended care networks, and multi-modal contact centers that handle sensitive patient data for insurance and billing systems. ShoreTel healthcare phone systems make positive, private patient engagement possible.

Collaboration For Misison-Critical Response

Improve Care Coordination
Frustrating communication delays disappear with ShoreTel. Mobility and messaging capabilities increase team access to staff members who alternate their time at multiple offices, clinics and hospitals, and reduce patient response times

Optimize Patient Supprot Services
A unified communications phone system can centralize patient appointment management, billing support, satisfaction surveys, test result delivery, and more.

Streamline Overall Patient Engagement
A healthcare communications system with built-in call center and automated features can eliminate redundant or inefficient workflows and improve your clinic’s line.

Support Patient Engagement
Improve patient engagement survey scores by adding a “call me now” feature—patients receive assistance when it is most convenient for them

Supporting The Health Of Your Medical Practice

When patient care and satisfaction are at stake, hospitals can’t afford miscommunication. Whether you chose a ShoreTel on-premises or hosted IP phone solution, we keep department and hospital financials healthy by reducing communication waste, improving patient engagement and offering the most-effective unified communications solutions available today.

Facilities With Special Requirements

ShoreTel understands the specific needs of a variety of healthcare providers.  Here's more information about these particular practices:

  • Physician's practices
  • Extended care facilities
  • Hospitals


ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Solutions For Nonprofit And Social Service Organizations

Nonprofit and social services organizations, driven by a purpose to serve the common good, have unique needs related to fundraising and special challenges when it comes to managing expenses.

Increasingly, the nonprofit sector is turning to cloud based telephone solutions that allow them to leverage their resources to generate contributions, while at the same time meeting their commitment to spend as much as possible on the core mission and as little as possible on operating expenses.

Putting the focus on the mission

Maximize Donations
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD helps nonprofits identify which marketing campaigns are most successful in generating both interest and donation commitments.

Control Costs
Our hosted solution offers a low initial capital investment with the flexibility to expand or contract your team quickly as required to meet mission objectives or fundraising goals.

Be Prepared
In the event of an emergency, easily re-route calls to another office, remote location or cell phones. Get voice mail alerts and transcriptions so you can return calls quickly.

Improve Service
Hello, Is anyone there? Do you know how often a supporter or potential donor calls you, but it unable to reach a “real” person? With the Live Answer Service Metric, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD business phone solution you can tell exactly how many calls reach a person, regardless of which line is called or how many auto-attendants are used to direct the call.

Sports and EntertainmentSports and Entertainment:

Mobile And Contact Center Solutions That Serve Management, Venues And Fans

In the fast-paced world of sports or entertainment, fast and clear communication is a necessity. Every second counts, making it vital to be able to quickly reach anyone from wherever they may be, and relay information clearly.

ShoreTel’s Unified Communications solution provides a comprehensive set of tools to stay in touch from anywhere, flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of small teams, large stadiums and leagues, and everything in-between.

Improve the health of your hospital, extended care facility and physician's practice communications

Often times, sports teams have difficulty reaching across stadiums and off-site facilities, which can be troublesome for a team on the go and all the staff that they rely on. ShoreTel can provide an easy to use UC desktop application interface, providing call management, enhanced reporting, email and voicemail integration, and an integrated directory, providing key communication features and tools from anywhere.

  • Flexibility – The scalability and flexibility of the ShoreTel solution means that it grows as your organization does. When opening a new location, adding more lines takes no hassle whatsoever, and little additional cost.
  • Customer Relations – ShoreTel’s CRM system enhances customer relations by providing rich information about callers and high visibility.  Ticket office agents, customer hotlines, and member subscription lines can benefit gaining vital customer information, while ensuring that everyone can speak to the proper agent quickly.
  • Availability – Reach anyone across devices and locations, with high availability. No matter what location one may be in, they’re never out of reach.
  • Cost savings – Save potentially thousands on line and management costs with a brilliantly simple solution that offers a low TCO.

ShoreTel’s combination of availability, ease of use, flexibility, and rich offering of features has made it the right choice for sports teams and entertainment. Keep the team together, the customers happy, and the fans entertained with ShoreTel’s UC solution.

Staffing AgenciesStaffing Agencies:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integrations Help Agents Make Their Next Move

A staffing agency’s success is directly tied to the quality of its relationships, and that quality is directly tied to communication. A work-horse phone system with mobility, contact center, and automated features is table stakes for today’s recruiting firm’s needs. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD for Staffing Agencies is a comprehensive set of hosted, cloud-based phone system solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of every staffing firm and recruiting agency. Recruiters spend far less time dialing, documenting, and logging contacts and far more time connecting personally with clients and candidates.

Integrate Your Phones with Your Applicant Tracking Systems for Stellar Performance

To truly maximize staffing agency potential, a phone system must be integrated with leading ATS applications. Combining phone system data with applicant tracking data leverages the power of both systems to maximize responsiveness, effectiveness, and business insights.

Integrated With The Best ATS In The Business

The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD solution integrates with the most popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) including JobDiva, MaxHire, JobScience, and Insight Squared. This means your agents spend less time on busy work and more time interacting with the people that count.

  • ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Application Integration integrates phone activity into your ATS (or CRM) application, unifying the desktop for staffing activities and transactions.
  • Outgoing calls can be initiated with a single click and notes can be added automatically.
  • Incoming calls generate instant screen pops with viewable candidate or contact information before the call is answered.
  • Phone activity and history are automatically aggregated and consolidated for immediate management access.

Reliability, Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

When it comes to the staffing and recruiting industry, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD recognizes that the phone is one of the most important and critical business tool for successful business operations. If unforeseen weather or conditions occur and causes outages, firms need to have solutions to ensure business continuity. In the event of an emergency, easily re-route calls to another office, remote location, or cell phones. Get voice mail alerts and transcriptions so you can return calls quickly.


Today, the key to success in staffing is flexibility. Winning companies will be able to reorganize teams around service specialties and not be limited by geography. They will be able to expand or contract as conditions demand without damaging their market presence. And most importantly, they will provide an outstanding and consistent customer experience.

Call Coverage

Every call is important. Utilize all of your resources with flexible teams focused on targeted industries and seamlessly distribute calls across offices or remote agents.

Consistent Corporate Image

Staffing and recruiting firms are usually made up of many different branch locations throughout the US and some internationally. Since the phone is the lifeline to all clients and candidates, it is important to provide a consistent image and experience no matter which office a client or candidate is calling. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD solution provides consistent technology which enables a consistent experience for all employees and customers. It makes it easy to transfer calls within the company and make sure the calls are getting to the right people. Simplify and make your applicant and client experience more consistent with four digit dialing between offices. Improve the recruiter’s experience with hoteling. Just log in from any phone and go.

Scalability Within Budget

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD recognizes the trend to shift investment by firms from Capex to Opex. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD customers have experienced reduced cost from the traditional PBX or telco systems, as well as a cost savings from the conference call features. Executives can count on a predictable and consistent monthly spend with the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD solution. There are no hidden costs or surprises of high usage at the end of the month. This make it easy on the CFO to predict accurate costs and deliver on forecasts and projections. Plus it is simple to add or reduce the number of phones at any location.

Reporting And Call Metrics

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD automatically tracks all phone activity in real-time. Reports can be customized to generate key performance measurements that management can use to gauge productivity. Management can correct or coach behavior immediately instead of waiting weeks to find there is a problem. The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD phone system integrates with a staffing firm’s CRM platform as well as recruiting software. In fact, the Salesforce integration automatically logs every call and creates a report with detailed call information. Even when Strategic IT Staffing employees are working remotely, the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD phones document activity and extend the accountability outside of the physical office. The recruiter can add notes from the conversation and move on to the next call. With everything documented, the prospect and client receive better service and a more personal experience.

Easy Setup

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD guarantees a easy and seamless implementation which is part of the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD experience.


Improve agent performance through enhanced training using eavesdrop, whisper and barge tools from any location.